Project Description

About Company

HARP (High Ashes Rural Project) is a small community project that uses an open and rural environment to deliver skills training that improves mental and physical wellbeing alongside social and economic benefits.

Business Objective

The video aims to show the breadth of the work undertaken by HARP and engage with corporate and public benefactors.


Much of HARP’s work, in good weather, takes place outside. The challenges is to show the depth of the engagement with the young people on the programme amidst the open countryside setting.


Interviews with staff and students were undertaken in a yurt to emphasize the relaxed and informal approach adopted by HARP. Many of its ‘students’ have learning difficulties or have struggled in a formal education environment.A mixture of close-up and landscape images were captured to show how HARP’s students benefit from the farm buildings and open countryside.

Client’s Feedback

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High Ashes Rural Project (HARP)