About Snow Elk
Snow Elk was created by videographer, Gary Knowles.

‘I have always been creative. I studied computer animation and special effects at the University of Bradford and also completed a course on stage make-up.

After graduating, I spent three formative years at Global Brands a major consumer drinks brand: Vodka Kick, Franklin &Sons, Hooch, Hooper’s. This gave me the confidence to create Snow Elk in December 2011.

Snow Elk has worked with organisations large and small; local, national and international; industrial and consumer. I invite you to visit the portfolio section of our website to enjoy a sample of our finished work.

One of my passions is educating and inspiring the next generation of videographers. I invest some of Snow Elk’s revenues in my teaching and lecturing. I am proud to have been appointed a visiting course lecturer at Futureworks in Manchester. Futureworks provides university education for the creative industries.

Working with young and creative talent helps Snow Elk stay fresh and focussed.

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