Project Description

About Company

Fairplay is a charity that supports children and young people with disabilities and additional needs. Very little of its funding comes from grants.

Business Objective

The video seeks to capture the amazing work undertaken by the Fairplay team from its state-of-the art centre in Chesterfield. The video is aimed at parents, local businesses and other stakeholders.


How to capture the essence of the varied services and support provided by Fairplay in one shorty video. Close liaison with the Managing Director of Fairplay was crucial in planning the shoot and, in particular, ensuring that parents of the children were happy with the approach taken and had granted their consent. It was critical to show the diversity of the children and young adults helped by Fairplay. We only had one day to capture the multiple dimensions of the brief.


Steadycam footage was used for a walkthrough of the centre to show its scale and facilities.‘It is my oasis’: staff, parents and pupils were interviewed. Their words added emotion and gravitas to the visuals.

Client’s Feedback

Awaiting feedback