Business Objective

Paperclip is looking to increase turnover by 400% over five years. It had implemented a rebrand to reflect the quality and breadth of the services it provides. Fundamental to the rebrand was a new website. Paperclip has a diverse client base. It was decided to use video testimonials to emphasize the benefits that Paperclip’s services had generated for its clients.


Anne Batty is the Paperclip founder and Managing Director. A confident public speaker, Anne was initially reluctant to appear on camera. To show the diversity of Paperclip’s client base required capturing a large number of testimonials in a limited timescale.


Snow Elk captured supplementary footage of the Paperclip office and team in action. Anne was featured at the start of the video, to establish her credentials, but then moved into a voice over. Two in-depth client studies were filmed on their premises. A temporary ‘studio’ was created at Paperclip’s offices for the other testimonials. To optimise the available time, Paperclip clients selected specific time slots across the day.

‘Paperclip recently rebranded. I wanted professional video client testimonials for my website and social media to reinforce our key messages. Never having used video before in a business context, and loathing the thought of being on video myself, I entered the process with a degree of negativity and apprehension. In retrospect, I don’t know what I was worrying about! Snow Elk set up a studio in our offices and clients were invited to film their testimonials. Snow Elk made everyone – even me! – feel relaxed and comfortable, and kept the programme on track and to schedule. I love the final videos. They were exactly what I had envisaged. They have helped Paperclip rasie its profile in key sectors such as law practices, estate agents and IT support.

Client, Paperclip