New to video? Struggling with video inertia? We are here to help you.

Many organisations are considering video for the first time. Often they have had videos on their marketing ‘wish list’ for months or even years. We work with you to help you successfully overcome your video inertia and achieve your business objectives.

The causes of Video inertia fall into two categories: rational and personal. In our experience, scratch the surface of the rational and you’ll find a more deep-rooted personal barrier.

Rational is often expressed in terms of time, cost and content. The Snow Elk ‘cure’ is detailed preparation to achieve the optimum use of available time. In many cases existing visual assets – photographs, graphics, video footage – can be integrated into the new video to minimise cost.

Personal is often deep-rooted and emotional: fear of being on camera; fear of loss of control; fear of the unknown. Snow Elk can reassure you by saying that most existing clients felt the same at the start of the video process and are now video converts and advocates.

Snow Elk can make you look good on camera though creative use of lighting and camera angles. Alternatively a voice-over or sub-titles could be used.

With Snow Elk you set the business objectives for the video and remain in control of the process: you are the Producer. Snow Elk is the Creative Director, ensuring that the video is professional, engaging and meets your business objectives.

YouTube is a powerful video medium, but it may not be the right outlet for your video. We will explain the pros and cons of the different video platforms that are available to you so you can decide which ones to use.

Gary quote:

‘I know all about inertia. After leaving school it took me six years to pursue my dream of working in the creative industries. Although I ‘grew up’ and learned life lessons in that time, I do look back on them as wasted years.

I want to give clients the confidence and courage to embrace the power and potential of video: in their marketing, communications, operations. Don’t stay out in the cold looking on as others harness the opportunities video can deliver. Working with Snow Elk, you can do it too.

Einstein said nothing changes until something moves. Be one of the first to move and you will gain, and maintain, a strong competitive-edge.’